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Teen 12 year fucking

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Related post: Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 07:25:23 -0700 (PDT) From: Randy Howard Subject: The Reluctant Witness/ Incest/ Chapter TwoThe Reluctant WitnessByRandy HowardChapter TwoThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his son, one teen and another teen. Initial sex is consensual. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading. Also if you are under 14 years girls sex eighteen or if this is illegal for where you live, then young 14 years porn leave now, if not read on.Previously 16 year teen nude in chapter one:Evan followed Ethan to his car, which was parked in the employees parking area, a vintage '64 and a half Mustang. After saying how cool the car was they drove off, and within fifteen minutes, they were racing off to Ethan's apartment. "Here we are stud muffin," Ethan said, patting Evan's leg. "Nice 15 year young porno crib," Evan said walking inside; the place was a single dudes dream. It was nicely furnished with teen ukraine 18 year a leather sofa and chairs, and had all of the state of the art electronics, and one super large television mounted on the wall. sexy 13 years girls "Ok Ethan, I'm impressed," Evan said. "Hey Evan I forgot, I have to go food shopping. How about you hang tight here and watch a video, and I'll be back within the hour," Ethan suggested. "That's cool man, do you mind if I use the shower?" he asked. "It's in the master bedroom dude and help yourself to any of my clothes. I noticed that you were traveling rather light," Ethan said. "I wasn't expecting to be going anywhere today, when I got up. But thanks Ethan, we look about the same size," Evan said. Ethan showed him where the towels were and took off, leaving Evan to take his shower. Evan was enjoying the hot water when he suddenly noticed that someone was standing on the other side of the shower door, reaching for the handle... a vicious laugh coming from the other side. Now chapter two: Dan slapped the steering wheel hard, he was pissed that Evan had given him the slip. He got out 10-16 years sex of the car and walked over to the ticket booth, to purchase a ticket. As he waited for the next ferry, he considered his next move once he found the boy. "I'll find you Chambers, and when I do, I'll slowly kill you, you little piece of shit." He muttered under his breath. The ferry finally arrived and he waited his turn, impatiently, to board the boat. Getting out of his car, he looked around for any member of the crew. Finding petite 18 year olds one tying off the boarding entrance, he approached him, pulling out his badge. "Good morning young man. I'm Detective Morrison of the South Burlington Police Department. I was wondering if you were working the last trip that this boat made, sexy girls16 years old when 16 years naked a teenage boy jumped onto it." "I did see a kid jump aboard, just as we were departing. But it was Ethan that spoke to him, but he's off duty now," the man said. "Did you happen to notice where the boy went, once the ferry docked in New York?" Dan asked. "All that I saw was the boy leaving with Ethan sir." "Would you happen to know where this Ethan lives?" Dan asked. "I don't, but if you ask the ticket agent once we land, she knows where he lives. She is his landlord so she had better know where he lives," the man chuckled. "Yeah, I guess she would," Dan chuckled also. "Is Ethan in trouble?" "Oh no, but the kid is a run away and his father is anxious to have him back home," Dan lied. "Well like I said, the kid left with Ethan and Shirley can tell you where he lives." Dan patiently spent the crossing of Lake Champlain, contemplating how he was going to kill Evan and possibly this Ethan kid. Once the ferry docked and he departed, he parked his car and walked over to where Shirley was working. "Excuse ma'am, but are you Shirley?" Dan asked. "Why yes, how may I help you sir?" she said with a smile. "I'm trying to locate Ethan, but he moved since my last visit and I was told that you are his landlady." "Yes I am and if you like, I can give him a call and have him come meet you sir." She offered. "NO!" he exclaimed. "I'd like to surprise him; it's been awhile since I 10 years porn free last visited." Again he lied. Shirley told him that she was just getting off duty, and that she would be happy to lead him over to Ethan's apartment. She had some things to give him so she would be happy to show him the way. When Dan found himself driving down a 13 years sexy girls deserted stretch of road, he beeped his horn for Shirley to pull over. Getting out of his car, he walked casually over to her car and shot her. He rifled through her purse and found Ethan's address, and then proceeded to drive over to the apartment, taking the purse with him to make the killing look like a robbery gone badly. He snuck up the stairs free 16year girl porn to Ethan's apartment, gun drawn, he knocked on the door. When no one answered he tried the door, and found that the 13 years teen funlumpkins door was unlocked. He listened once he was inside the apartment for signs of anyone home, and heard the shower running. Sneaking down the hall towards the master bedroom, he carefully snuck into the bathroom. Noticing what appeared to be a very tall person in the shower, he placed his hand on the shower door. He pulled the door open and Evan froze with fear, seeing Dan holding his gun pointed at him. "No Dan, please don't hurt me," Evan begged, Dan motioned for the boy to get out of the shower. "I don't like loose ends floating around kid, so like your dad, I gotta kill you," he told the boy. "But I am going to take my time with you kid, because you made me angry and I had to kill another just to cover my tracks." He said angrily. "Now where did this Ethan kid go and where is Jamie?" he asked. "Jamie should be home and as for Ethan, he's gone to the grocery store," Evan told him. "You know as well as I, that Jamie isn't home. He left with his parents to go somewhere safe, just as you and your foolish father did. Now on the bed boy," Dan ordered, and reluctantly Evan obeyed. Dan aimed his gun at Evan's genitals... *** Jamie tried to call Evan but all that he got was his voice mail, frustrating and worrying the boy. "Evan, where are 10-16 years old pussy you and why is your cell off?" he yelled out in frustration. Jamie closed his cell phone and ran downstairs, to find his 18 year old teens parents. The only one home was his father, so he told him how worried he was. "There could be a hundred reasons why his cell phone is off son," Jason said. "But dad...you know how Dan is looking for them, he may have found them already." Jamie said. "I doubt it Jamie, Marc told me that he was taking Evan to a motel in another town that Dan would never think of looking. Now why don't you wait awhile and then try again later, I'm sure that it'll be on then." "Ok dad, but I'm still worried, Evan never turns his cell phone off. The last time it was off was because it was dead; he had forgotten to recharge it." 10-14 year porn pic "There you go son that could very well be the case this time. Like I said, give him a little while and try again later, I bet he'll have it on." Jamie reluctantly went outside, hoping that Evan's cell phone was just dead again and not Evan. He busied himself reading the latest chapter of the Twilight saga, and soon forgot about Evan. *** "Please don't shoot me sir," Evan begged facing Dan, fear, terrorizing the teen. "I'll do anything you ask, but please don't shoot me," "Anything boy...of course you know that I'm still gonna kill you." Dan said stepping towards the boy. Evan slowly backed away, as Dan walked towards him, and once the back of his legs are against the bed, Dan pushed him down onto the bed. He unzipped his jeans and pulls them off, along with his underwear, before he stood back to examine the boy. Evan was lying on the bed trembling; never before had he faced someone that was going to rape and then kill him. His mind raced in a million directions as Dan knelt down on the bed forcing him to spread his legs, which draped over the side of young pussy 15 years the bed. He slowly guided his masculine hands up Evan's young legs, and kneads his inner thighs."Please don't do this to me sir," Evan asked, but his hands continued to glide closer to his cock. "No Dan, please stop," he cried out, but his words were ignored, and Dan grabbed his cock in his hand."You know how much little boy sex year we love this boy, 14 year pics porno and still you beg me to stop?" he said."Yes Dan please stop," he said, but Dan refused, and he enveloped the boy's cock into his mouth."Mmmmm," Dan moaned, as he sucked Evan's cock deep down into his warm throat.Evan looks around him at the room, and he saw a bottle filled with colored sand, sitting on the bed stand. He sixteen year old pussy reached for the bottle, and he grabbed it with his hand, striking Dan in the head. The man goes still momentarily and Evan quickly gets up, rushing to the door still naked."So you want to play rough do you," Dan asked and Evan could see the blood running from the wound that he had made."I'm not going to let you rape me Dan," Evan said as he cowered on the bed. "Please stop, don't beat me," he yelled at Dan, but he's out of control, and Dan grabbed Evan by his arm, and hit him again in the face, nearly knocking him unconscious. "Please sir, don't beat me again," he asked as he feels 15 years nude teens his warm hands on his leg.He pulled his leg 11 years pedo away as a reaction, but quickly put it back, and Dan rubbed his leg softly."Are you ready to concede to me boy," Dan asked."Yes sir, but please don't hurt me anymore," he asked, feeling Dan's hot breath on his neck."As long as you do as you're told, I will be good to you," Dan whispered in Evan's ear, which caused the teen to cringe. "Now on your stomach boy, you know how you love to get fucked like this," he said still whispering in his ear.Evan reluctantly turned onto his stomach, resigning himself to the fact that he was going to be raped by this man."Please help me God," he prayed silently to himself, as he felt Dan climb on top of him. "Oh God no..." was all he could get out, feeling teen 16 year nude Dan's cock press against the very hole that his dad had just fucked less than a day before.Evan drew in a deep breath when he felt the cock pushing against his hole, he closed his eyes as the Dan's cock slid in and the pain was overwhelming as Dan fully impaled him on his cock."Oh my God stop," he cried out in pain, but Dan refused to wait for Evan to relax."Remember boy, you were the one that started playing rough," he whispered into Evan's ear. "Danny boy is going to rape you and then he's going to kill you boy, but first, you are going to learn 17year porn the meaning of the word obedience before I do," and he bit him on the neck."You can beat me and rape me all you want, you can even children 16 years fucking kill me, but I shall never obey you, 15 year old porno nor shall I willingly let you do this to me," he yelled at him defiantly and reached back and dug his nails into Dan's skin."So you want to play the power game do you," Dan said and then pulled his cock out all the way, before he violently shoved it back in.Dan was not a little man, and neither was his cock. He would brag when he was in the Marines, that hard, his cock reached ten inches and that it was as big around as his wrist. Dan's body lay on top of Evan as if a great rock 16 year virgin girlporn had been placed on him, and Dan used his weight to press down on the boy, just as his cock was bearing down into Evan's ass. He pushed his hips down on his ass with such force, that he expelled the air from Evan's lungs. Evan cried out with a pain-filled 15years babys porn groan each time Dan's cock bottomed in his ass."No more please...stop...please sir," he moaned out in pain, but his words went unheeded as Dan refused to yield.He slammed his cock deeper into Evan's ass until 14 years sexy boys he had the boy crying, and now Evan hadn't the strength to resist. Evan's ass was so full of Dan's hard cock that the teen screamed with each thrust that Dan's hips made down into him. Eventually, Evan surrendered the battle, because he no longer had the strength to struggle."Next time boy you'll listen to Danny boy, when he tells you to be ready," Dan said inches from Evan's ear. "Oh wait, there is not going to be a next time," Dan laughed and Evan slammed his head up fast, breaking Dan's nose."Why you fucking brat, now you are going to learn that this Marine means business," he said, removing his cock from Evan's ass, and flipping him over onto his back.He slaps the boy's face hard several times, as he teaches Evan who the boss is. Evan lays there still, unable to register his pain any longer."Please don't do this" Evan sobbed, closing his eyes, feeling the sensation of his captor's finger girlsex 10years old teens 17 years girls up his ass.Evan soon feels the ex-marine's strong hands rubbing 13year old girls naked his nipples and brutally pinching them once again. Evan could Sexy 12 year olds feel his tormentor's hot breath on his neck as Dan moaned with delight, working his finger up Evan's ass; the teen was paralyzed with fear. Once Dan had his boy well under his obedience, 14 years fucking he brutally slid his cock into his ass, thrusting it brutally in and out to cause the 12 year old lollita greatest pain."NO! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS, YOU FUCKING PSYCHO," Evan screamed but Dan just slapped him across his badly bruised face and told him to shut up."I told you Evan, I'm in control," Dan said, breathing heavy on Evan's neck. Evan winces from the pain of having this stud's ten inches of cock rammed up his ass.Dan's hand moves from Evan's now sensitive nubs, down his firm abs, to his hard cock, and starts to stroke him off as he fucks him. As Dan continues to pound Evan's tight hole, he picks up his pace, and with each thrust Dan gives the teen, he hits Evan's prostate, sending a wave of 14 years pics porno urgency to cum throughout the boy's exhausted and hurting body. Evan begins to lose control of his thoughts, and he surrenders to the brutality of Dan's sadistic fucking."Oh fuck... that hurts...please stop," Evan screams out as severe pain courses through him."Haaaaahaaaahaaaa," Dan laughs repeatedly, as he fucks his captive more rapidly now, thrusting his cock in and out of Evan's ass, while he wanks Evan's cock. Rapidly and repeatedly, Dan pounds his ass, until neither, can hold out any longer."Oh fuck Evan... I am going to cum; I am going to cum in your hot ass boy," Dan screams, and Evan feels his captor's hot cum shoot into his ass just as he reaches his own climax, shooting five or six times as Dan fills his young ass with his own seed.Dan pulled his spent cock from Evan's tortured ass, and got up, retrieving his gun. He looked down at Evan who was crying, pure evil was in his eyes."I hope that you know pussy 13 year old that this is not personal kid, but as I said, I do hate loose ends," he said raising his gun and aiming it directly at Evan's eyes."Nooooo... please don't kill me sir," Evan pleaded one last time and then closed his eyes to wait for the end."Sorry kid, but I gotta do what I gotta do," Dan said."Yeah well, so do I," Ethan said and came down on Dan's head with a baseball bat.Dan dropped to the floor, but he wasn't out, Ethan's warning had caused him to move just in time. Ethan jumped on Dan and they wrestled for control, each trying to reach for the gun that lay on the floor a few feet from where they were wrestling."Evan quick... get the fuck out of here," Ethan yelled, still struggling with Dan.Evan got up as fast as he could, grabbed his clothes and bolted out of the room. He hurriedly dressed, forgetting about the underwear, before bolting out the apartment's front door. Just as he scurried down the stairs, he heard the sound of a gun go off."Oh naked 14 year girls God no, please let it be Dan that was shot," Evan said, as he ran for all he was worth. He saw Dan's car parked beside a dumpster and checked to see if the keys were still in them. There on the seat were the keys, he got in and fumbled with the keys until he found the right key. Inserting the key into the ignition, he started the car and through it into drive. Down the road he drove, teens 15 years nude not sure as 14 years teen cuties to where he would go. He knew that he could not return home, nor could he 14 years nude teens go back to Ethan's apartment. So drive on he did, until the car ran out of gas, and then he got out and hitched a ride. Standing on Interstate 87 heading south towards New York City, he got lucky when a trucker pulled over. "Where are you heading kid," the trucker asked. "New York City," Evan said, knowing that among so many people, he would really be hard to find. Besides, he had a cousin that lived there, so he would look him up once he got there. "I'm Hank, Hank Thompson," the trucker said. "Ah...Jacob, Jacob Mathews," Evan lied, using his cousin's name. Evan looked at the trucker and figured him to be about forty. He had a slight gut, not to bad though, and was very handsome, with curly blond hair and ice blue eyes. He was wearing a wife beater tee shirt which showed off his massive arm muscles. His pectoral muscles protruded, stretching his shirt's fabric nicely. "So are you running away kid?" Hank asked, giving Evan a couple of quick glances, and he notices the cuts and bruises. "I've been on my own for a couple of years now," Evan lied again. "Parents are dead and I never worked out with the foster system," he told Hank. "I know the feeling; I was a foster kid myself. So why the city, you know someone there?" "I have a cousin there and he's invited me to live with him." Evan's web of lies was getting larger. "So where did you get all banged up kid?" Evan froze, fear and the memory of the rape paralyzed him... "I was raped and beaten up by a cop," he said, deciding to tell the truth. "A fucking cop 14 year girls nude did this to you...where?" Hank asked. Evan hated lying so fat girls 14years porn he decided to tell Hank the truth, and the silence in the truck when he finished was deafening. They drove on for almost twenty minutes, until Hank pulled into a rest stop. "I gotta tell you kid, I really hate cops," Hank said as he parked his rig and turned off the engine. "I was raped in juvenile lock up when I was fourteen, by three cops that thought it was cool to fuck young 16years sexporn boys. My cell mate, a kid name Bryan, hung himself after he too was raped by them." "Well he killed my 17 years pic nude father, who was also a cop, but a good one Hank, I swear.""I believe you Evan, and I've come to learn that not all cops are bad. I gotta tell you also, and I don't know if they are connected, but I heard on the news earlier that some lady was found shot to death in her car. Now from what you tell me, where they found her and where this asshole raped you, well it seems tgp 14 years to be coincidentally close to each other.""I don't know how Dan found me, unless he asked one of the crew members. I also heard a gunshot when I was running away from the apartment. Dan and Ethan were wrestling over the gun; Ethan is the one that saved my life. Well, as I was running out the front door, I heard a gunshot. I don't know if it was Ethan or Dan that was shot, but if'n I had to put my money on either one, I ukranian angels 12 years would bet that it was Dan that shot Ethan." "Why don't you give him a call, or do you know his number?" "I can't for two reasons, one being my cell is dead and the other is that I left it behind." "If you had a cell phone, do you know his number?" "No, and I don't know his last name either." They were talking when the news came on the radio, and the broadcaster spoke of another murder. It seems that the body of 14 years porn a young man was found with a single gunshot wound to the head, 16 years sex photo but his name was being held, pending notification of next of kin. "That's Ethan...I just know it," Evan said and began teenie porn 14 years to cry. "This is all my fault that so many people have been killed," he said between sobs. "If'n I hadn't stopped to piss in that alley, I wouldn't have 10 years girls porno seen Dan killing that man." "Listen son, it's no more your fault than it is mine," Hank said. "You can't help it if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now lets get you cleaned up and call the police where this asshole works, let them go find the prick," Hank said. Hank pulled off an exit that had a Wal-Mart, and he and Evan, bought some new clothes. Sporting a new pair of shorts nude-13 years and tee shirt, 7 year old porn as well as socks and sneakers, Hank drove them over to a nearby Friendly's and the two of them got something to eat. "Its getting rather late and I can't be legally driving any longer, so I am going to pull into this truck stop a few exits down the road," Hank told the teen. *** "You may have gotten away Evan, but I'll find you. And when I do, you'll regret the day that you ever stepped into that alley," Dan shouted when he noticed that Evan had taken his car. He pulled out his cell and called into the precinct, deciding to make Evan the fugitive. "Sarge, give me Captain Cramer," Dan said. "Dan, where the fuck are you?" Captain George Cramer asked. "I'm in New York State following Marc Chambers' kid Evan. He killed his father and two other people here in New York. The fucking brat got the jump on me and stole my unmarked cruiser, and heaven only knows where the fuck he is," Dan lied. "What! Are you sure about this, that Marc Chambers is dead and that his own son did it? I have met the boy and he's a very good student and one well behaved boy." "I caught him sir killing this boy here in New York. I followed him from a motel in Vermont to this apartment here. My only regret is that I was too late to save the young man that he raped and killed." "Raped...he's a homo also?" George asked, shocked to hear the news. "I'm just as surprised as you are sir," young 14 year nude Dan lied, stifling a laugh. "Have you any idea where he could have headed?" "Being so close to Interstate 87, I would suspect that he would either be heading for Canada or New York City sir." "I'll alert the border guards, as well as the New York State Police. I'll send someone to pick you up Dan so just hold tight," George said. "Thanks sir, but I'm going to get a rental and see if I can pick up his trail," Dan said. "Well keep your receipts and the department will reimburse you. And Dan, please be careful, do you know if the boy trisha yearwood pregnant is armed?" George asked. "I think he has his father's service revolver, so alert the authorities. Do not trust the boy; he is quite the conniving liar." "I'll make the necessary calls immediately Dan," he said and the two hung up. "Well that will cover my ass if that fucking brat decides to call the precinct," Dan said, stuffing his cell back into his pocket. "You're good to go detective," a New York state police officer told him. "The service revolver that we found had prints that matched those on the cell phone that belonged to the Chambers' boy. We have a APB out on your car and the boy, so it'll be just a matter of 13 year old nudegirls time before we catch him," the officer said. "Thank you Jim, and let me know when you find him, and I'll do the same if I find him first," Dan said. *** Evan dialed the police department, using *67 to hide Hank's number so that he couldn't be implemented. Evan had a bad feeling about calling but Hank felt that it was still the right thing to do. "South Burlington Police Department," the dispatcher answered. "Can I please speak to Captain George Cramer," Evan asked. "Who may I say is calling," she asked. "Evan Chambers," he said. "Evan where are you," was the first thing Captain Cramer asked, once asia ten year sex he answered his phone. "I'm not saying yet sir. I want to tell you about Detective Morrison and the killings that I witnessed him committing." "He committed," he said, trying to remain calm. "Why don't you come in and we can take a formal statement son," George suggested. "Why can't you take it over the phone sir?" Evan asked. "Besides, do you even know where your fine detective is and just what he's been up to?" "As a matter of fact I do Evan, and I also know all about the crimes that you have committed, now be a good boy for you father's sake and turn yourself in," George said. "I committed, I have done nothing wrong. It was Dan that killed that women and my father, or do you even know that he killed them. What about Joey Pantone, did you even know that Dan killed him sir?" Evan shouted. "How did you know about that murder, it never made the papers?" "I overheard Dan talking to a man about it just before he killed him in an alley behind off Cherry Street. If you look behind the dumpster, you'll find the man's body," Evan told him. 10-14 years teen nude Me guilty of killings, you're fucking crazy. I'll see you later sir," Evan shouted and closed the cell phone, ending the conversation. "I take it that it didn't go well for you Evan," Hank asked. "Dan told the captain that I was the one that did the fucking killings of that lady and Ethan. He even thinks that it was me that killed my father also," Evan said, breaking into tears. Hank took the boy into his arms, holding him while he cried. "Come on now, let's hit the showers and forget about this for awhile," Hank suggested. Evan followed Hank into the area that was just for truckers; Hank purchased towels and led him to the showers. The room had several shower heads where three truckers were showering, two said hello to Hank when they walked in. "Put your clothes in a locker Evan, and then take your towel and follow me." Evan undressed but his eyes were on Hank as he undressed, taking in his body as 16 years sexy pic he stripped out of his clothes. Hank wasn't too tall, about five-eleven but his body was quite muscular. His chest was covered with dark brown hair that ran down to his pubic area. His cock, soft, hung long and about seven inches, and it was fat around. He had low hanging balls and massive muscular legs, and when he turned his tight hairy ass was round. "Well are you coming or are you just going to watch me," Hank asked, rousing Evan from his daze. "Huh... oh yeah... 13year old pussy photo the shower," Evan stammered, and he grabbed his towel before following Hank. "So whose the pup Hank," this one trucker asked, giving Evan more than a once over. "Just keep your comments to yourself Blake, the kid has had a really rough time," Hank said. They quickly showered and when finished, 15years sex Hank treated Evan to dinner. Evan didn't realize how hungry he was, or how 13-15 years sex pictures tired. After dinner while Hank talked with the waitress, Evan dozed off in the booth. "Come on kid, let's get you to bed," Hank said, pulling Evan from the booth. Reluctantly Evan went, half carried and half walking, until they were finally at Hank's rig. It took some doing but Hank got Evan up into the rig and into sex 14 porn years the sleeper section. He removed the teen's clothes, leaving just his underwear, and tucked him in beside him. *** The next morning, Evan woke around six and Hank was snuggled against him, his warm hairy body felt comforting.  He could feel his cock as it pressed tightly against the crack of his ass, so he pushed back against it and he 13 year sexy teen heard Hank start to moan. Evan turned and saw Hank looking at him, but the look upon his face, said that he was not amused by his actions. "Are you trying to start something kid, because I don't think that we really should be doing this?" "You may not think so Hank, not me," Evan told him and gave him a quick kiss. "I decided I want to thank the man that believed in me, the best way I know how." Evan gave him a kiss that was so passionate, that it left no doubt as to where Evan stood on the matter. Hank passionately embraced Evan and kissed him hard and he poured into his kiss, all the lust that he felt for the teen.  Evan felt Hank's passion and emotion, and it neuken gallery 14years touched his soul deeply. He could not believe that a man as manly and strong as Hank could feel such passion so deep within him for him.  He broke his cheerleader yearbook picture kiss and stared into his lover's eyes, and he saw his reflection in them. And in that reflection he saw the love that Hank was feeling for him. "I love you Hank." teens free 15 years "Evan Chambers, I don't know if I love you or not, however, right or wrong I am not going to withhold it any longer." Hank affectionately told him and he kissed him hard, bordering on rough, as he held him close. Hank ran his hands over Evan's muscular chest and abs, before he took him in his arms. Evan never felt so loved and secure, not since that night with his dad, as he did at that moment with Hank. He felt warm and desired, but the best thing was, he felt loved. He brought his arms up around Hank's neck and held him close. Hank pulled Evan on top of him before he kissed his shoulder and then nibbled on his ear. "Oh my God," Evan whispered, "This feels so good and right Hank." Hank was turned on by Evan's hard body and his lust for him. Hank took a few moments to allow his senses to take in the beauty of this man that was looking down at him and then he kissed Evan hard. Evan sat up and took Hank's cock into his hand, before 12 year fucking pis he leaned down and licked the pre-cum oozing from it. "Do you want me to stop Hank," Evan asked as he looked 14 year tits picture down into Hank's watering eyes. "Because Hank, once I take that big beautiful cock into my mouth, I am going to suck it and make your wildest dreams come true." Evan said looking down at Hank who was looking up at him. "No Evan... don't stop baby boy," was all that Hank could say as he fought his urge to cum, while Evan kissed him again. adolescents 13 years nudes Once they broke their kiss, Evan kissed and sucked hard on Hank's neck, leaving his mark as teens do, before he kissed his way down to Hank's erect nipples.  He licked and nibbled on them, sending passion filled sensations coursing through his body, which caused Hank to moan in utter delight.  As Evan teased them, he knew that it had been a long time since Hank had been pleased in such a way. Evan wanted nothing more than to please Hank, as he slowly kissed his way down to Hank's manhood and enveloped it fully with his mouth.  "Mmmmm," Evan moaned as he drank in the aroma of Hank's scent, his nose nestled in his soft pubic hair. Hank's cock was buried down Evan's throat.  It was the scent of a man's man and it intoxicated Evan. Evan savored its sweet aroma, as one does with a fine wine, again intoxicating him. "Mmmmm," Evan moaned again, as his senses filled with the scent of his lover and he became drunk with lust. "Please slow down Evan." Hank moaned barely audible, as he wrestled to gain control over his looming climax. Evan dropped Hank's manhood to admire its beauty and he noticed how fat and long it was.  Before he lowered his mouth back on it, he extended his tongue and ran it around the sensitive head, which caused Hank to groan out in pleasure.  "Oh fuck Evan slow down, you have me so close again," he moaned. Evan dropped his cock from his mouth and sucked his balls, but it was too late for Hank to hold back.  "Oh fuck baby boy suck me I'm cumming," he moaned with total abandonment, unable to hold back his climax any longer. Evan quickly enveloped his cock with his mouth and brought his lover to his ultimate climax. Hank spewed his sperm down Evan's throat and his hands firmly held him to his groin. Hank shot more of his seed, thrusting upward, until he had surrendered it all to his lover. "Oh fuck that was one hell of a blowjob." Hank moaned in satisfaction, as he road out the tide of his orgasm. Evan didn't respond nor wait, but instead he lifted Hank's legs unto his shoulders and buried his face in Hank's hidden treasure, teasing it with his tongue.  He invaded his rosebud with his tongue and fucked it until Hank was thrashing about in ecstasy. Hank was insane from the pleasure that Evan was giving him and it sent him into a sexual frenzy. "Make love to me Evan, fuck your man," he yelled, unable to control the passion that coursed through his body. "I need to feel your cock deep within me Evan." Evan knew that Hank was making another memory, but now it was with him. Evan wanted Hank to experience lovemaking with him, so he purposed in his mind to give him every pleasure that his dad had once done for Hank. Evan moved back to Hank's cock and swallowed it down to the base once again. Hank arched his back in complete surrender and let out a moan so deep, that the vibrations reverberated through his cock to Evan.  After a long while, Evan could feel Hank's emanate climax, as his cock began to swell once again. He pulled off his cock, because he wanted this time to last as long as possible for Hank. Evan slowly kissed and licked his way back up to Hank's lips were he lingered. Their lips soon joined as one, with their tongues doing the dance of love, while their hearts played the music to which they danced.  Evan reached for the lube that Hank was handing him. He lubed Hank's ass and then tiny tits 12 years his anxious cock. Evan paused looking down at Hank, before he slowly slid his cock into his lover's rosebud. Evan buried it fully into his hot ass and then paused. "Oh my God Evan," Hank moaned, as Evan fully impaled him with his throbbing cock. Impaled on Evan's hard cock, Hank's eyes rolled back as Evan began to make love to him, feeling his cock gliding effortlessly in and out of his ass. He laid there and watched the man who was making love to him and his eyes filled up with tears. Evan found them a rhythm that had them moving as one and as their eyes met, he lowered his mouth down and kissed him. Evan slowly fucked his lover for some time, before his own climax became emanate, and he increased his rhythm. Hank's hips rose up to meet Evan's downward thrusts and his eyes never left Evan's gaze. As their tide of love quickly enveloped them, they moved feverishly in unison.  Hank had the look of a man in love, in his eyes and his hands roamed feverishly over Evan's sweat covered body.  If ever two men could be one, it was they, as their love flowed through their eyes and their rhythm carried them closer to their 10 years pussy pics climax.  "Oh fuck me Evan I'm cumming." Hank howled 13 year old blowjob and he grabbed Evan by the hips, as he thrusts up to get more of his cock in him. "So am I Hank," Evan said as he vehemently pounded his ass and his rhythm took over control of his body. Evan felt his sperm churning for release in his balls and rose rapidly as is sought to escape. Evan moaned, his eyes closed, and he surrendered to his climax. He was pounding his lover's ass harder, deeper, and no longer in control of his own body. "Fuuuuck, take your lover's seed," Evan howled as his cock shot forth into Hank's hot ass. "Fuck me baby boy, give me your seed," Hank howled as he violently thrusts upward, their movements controlled totally by their rhythm. They both climaxed together and there was such an explosion of passion, which the world had never known. They shouted in ecstasy and their senses filled with their power of their lovemaking as they gave to each their all.  They kissed in a tight embrace for what seemed an eternity. Their hearts were beating as one, while their rhythm carried them away on the tide of love's afterglow. non-nude 13-17 years When their tide finally ebbed, they laid there gazing into each other's eyes. They were each finally breathing normal as the two slowly drifted back to sleep, pussy 16 years thoroughly pleasured. *** Dan was driving down Interstate 87 13 year old pedo when his cell phone rang, it was George calling. George had done some investigating of his own, and now decided that Dan, had not been exactly honest with him. "Captain, have you found the boy?" Dan asked, surprised, yet worried at the same non-nude 16-year time. "No, but he did call me Dan, and he did have quite a different story to tell me," George said. "I told you that he was quite the conniving little liar, didn't I?" 16years girl sex pics "Yes you did Dan, but who the liar is, is yet to be determined. I want you here and here now Morrison and I have questions and I want answers," George demanded. "So ask me sir, I have nothing to hide," Dan lollitas sexy 16 years said, knowing that there was no way that he was returning to the precinct. "I'd rather you come back here and answer them 16-years girls naked videos in person, not over the damn phone Dan," George ordered. "Now that's an order, get your ass back here and let the local state police do their job," George insisted. "Sorry captain, but this is my case and I am going to see it through," Dan insisted. "Listen Morrison, you leave me no other course of action but to suspend you if you don't return," George said. "Now you either get your ass back here, or I'll issue a warrant for your arrest," George said, tipping his hand to Dan. "Fuck off George," Dan shouted and closed his cell, tossing it over onto the seat beside him. girls 10 years xxx George took out a slip of paper, dialed the number on it and waited. "Well I guess the game is over and it's just you and me Chambers," Dan said, flooring the gas pedal and racing down the interstate. "I know someone is helping you, and when I find you, you are both 12 years girl foto gonna die." Dan drove for several more miles, checking every rest area that he girls teen 15 years came to. He was just about to exit and head north on the interstate, when he saw a sign for a truck stop. "If you aren't at this truck stop kid, then it's off towards Canada," Dan said, exiting the interstate. Dan parked in front of the diner and looking around, he saw maybe thirty or forty trucks that had parked for the night. Some of the drivers nude child 15 years were up and preparing to leave, while others were still sleeping. He went into the diner and looked around for any sign of Evan, and when he didn't see him, he took a seat at the counter. "Coffee hun?" the waitress asked, looking tired from her double shift. "Huh... oh yeah, coffee," he said still looking about, as she set a cup down and pour him his coffee. "You didn't happen to see a teenager, tall with reddish hair and green eyes now did you?" he asked. She 10 year young porn thought for a moment or two and then like a light bulb turning on, she spoke. "Yeah, a really handsome pup, muscular and pedo defloration 7 years he was with this trucker name Hank," she said. "Do you know what time they left here," Dan asked, excited that he was on the right trail. "They didn't, that's Hank's rig out there... the bright blue one with the American eagle on it," she said, pointing out the window towards Hanks rig. Anxiously, Dan turned and looked at the rig that she was pointing at and to his surprise; Hank and Evan were just getting out of the rig. Each was carrying a towel, the one from the night before, and they were heading towards the shower. "That's them mister, damn that boy has such dreamy eyes," she said. "Thanks ah... Cathy," he said, glancing at her name tag, tossing a five on the counter and getting up. "Keep the change gorgeous," he said, exiting the diner, carefully watching where Evan was heading. "We just turn in the damp towel and they give us a clean dry one," Hank told Evan, before entering the building where the showers were. "Your cum is still leaking out of my ass baby boy," Hank chuckled. "I forgot how much sperm you teens can make," he mused. "I'm sorry Hank, little cuties 12 years really I am," Evan said, casting his gaze to the ground. "Hey baby boy, look at me," Hank said, lifting Evan's head up by the chin. "You and I didn't do anything that I didn't want to do. As a matter of fact I've wanted to do this ever since I first met you, but because of what happened to you, I backed off. Now let's go shower and maybe if it's empty... you know maybe you'll get lucky again," Hank said raising his eyebrows up and down quickly. They washed until the last of the truckers had left, and when they were alone, Hank turned to Evan smiling. "Are you ready to submit to fun?" Hank asked once the other trucker had left the shower. "You know it...daddy," Evan said, using a name that 16 year old tits turned Hank on even more, and Hank dropped to his knees, as in adoration to the boy before him, taking his cock into his mouth. "Awe fuck... oh fuck blow me." Evan yelled as he grabbed Hank's head and fucked his hot mouth ferociously. "You want my cock daddy then here it is, now take it." He demanded, as he thrust deep into his mouth and Hank sucked his cock fast and enthusiastically. They didn't care if anyone caught them; they were caught up in the rawness of their sex. Evan loved how Hank was pleasing him, as he surrendered to the man. Hank was so sure that this very moment would happen and he too didn't care if anyone saw them. "Suck that cock daddy; show me how much you want it." Evan taunted, as he urged Hank on. "Aaaaaah fuck... cumming." He crowed after several minutes of fervent sucking. Evan exploded across Hank's tongue, spewing his hot cum deep down his throat in complete abandonment. 16 year old upskirt "Mmmmm," Hank moaned as he drank every drop that Evan offered him. Evan held Hank to his groin as he fed the last of his teen spunk to him. Hank never once pulled back nor gagged, but took every hard inch of the boy he desired. "Damn stud pup, that was one hell of a load that you just gave me," Hank told him as he stood up and grabbed a handful of liquid soap in hand. He rubbed the soap on his cock and then turned a drained Evan around. Forcing him to bend over, Evan braced himself against the wall. He pressed his cock to Evan's rosebud and with a hard thrust, entered him. "Hank stop, you are fucking killing me." Evan shouted, as the pain of Hank's invasion coursed through his body. "I'm sorry baby boy," Hank said and paused for the teen to relax. Once Evan was relaxed and started to squirm around on Hank's cock, he pulled to just about out before he teen 12 year fucking thrust back in with a powerful force. He did it several times until Evan was meeting his thrusts 10 years asian porno with his own, and moaning in delight. Hank placed teenies 14 years nude one hand on Evan's shoulder and the other on his hip, as he pummeled his cock deep into his ass. He zealously, forcefully fucked the teen of his desires, paying no heed to Josh, who had just entered the shower. He merely glanced over at him and smiled triumphantly, as he continued to fuck Evan. Josh gave Evan's body a slow once over with his eyes while Hank fucked him. petite 12 year old Evan noticed that Josh had entered the shower and that he was slowly stroking his cock, while watching him being fucked by Hank. Although he felt embarrassed, Evan licked his lips at Josh. Josh stepped over to Evan and fed him his cock. Each time Hank would thrust into Evan's ass, it would shove him further down on Josh's cock, and it was turning Josh on. Josh held Evan's head to his cock as Evan sucked it. He often longed for this moment in the shower with a trucker and the excitement of fulfilling his fantasy brought him quickly to his edge. He tried to pull away because he knew that Evan teens 13 years titts was underage, but ing 16 year picture Evan sensed his closeness and held his mouth on Josh's cock. "Fuck... Evan let go, I'm going to cum," but Evan kept sucking harder. Enthusiastically he sucked Josh's cock, as he forced Josh to feed him his sperm. "Oh fuck...take it," he crowed as he held Evan's head again and aggressively fucked his mouth. The free 16 year porno pleasure that Evan was giving this man was enough to send him over his own edge once again. As Josh fed Evan his cum, Evan shot his seed onto the shower floor, and for Hank, who was pounding Evan's ass like the stallion he was, it pushed him over his edge. "Aaaah fuck stud puppy here it comes," he crowed and he shot his seed deep into Evan's tortured ass. "Yeah stud puppy...ride my cock," he howled as he fucked his ass violently and slapped it just as hard. "Take my sperm," he howled, as his porn 10 years rhythm propelled him deeper and harder into Evan's ass. Finally the tide of their ecstasy ebbed, and the three men stood there, gasping for normal breathing.*** Outside the Hank's truck, 15 years girls xxx Dan picks the door's lock, finally succeeding at opening the door. He looks around again several times, before he climbs into the truck, locking the door behind him. Hiding in the sleeper unit, Dan waited for the two to return, planning out just how he was to eliminate them."Damn it Evan, that was the hottest sex that I have ever had in a shower," Josh said, as the three walked out of the locker room."That was my first time with a three way Josh, but I hope that it's not my last," Evan said."I think we created a sex demon Josh," Hank said as the three stopped at Hank's rig. "I'll see you later Josh, just be careful out there," Hank said, shaking the young man's hand."Yeah Josh, have a safe one," Evan added, giving a quick look around before kissing the hot trucker."Fuck man, I just hope that I run into you two again," a blushing Josh said before heading off to his own rig.Hank unlocked the driver's side door and helped Evan up into the cab, Evan froze with fear when a gun was pointed at his head."Nice to see ya again Evan," Dan said.To yearfreepics be continued...Well there is chapter two guys. Let me know how I did at randyhoward2yahoo.com and thanks for all the emails buddies. Randy
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